7 Amazing Wall Decor Ideas Using Pictures

by SilkenMermaid Software Team | Last updated July 17, 2017

Wall decoration ideas

A beautifully decorated wall can make a huge difference to your house's look and feel.

While most of us look for paintings and decorative art, there’s a far simpler and inexpensive way to decorate your home with your pictures.

In this post, we will give you ideas to use your photos for wall decoration. Using your images for home decoration gives a personal touch to your home and puts the large number of photos lying on your camera, phone, or computer to good use.

In addition to these ideas, we will provide you with steps to make these wall decoration photos. Anyone, with or without design experience would be able to follow these steps without any help!

1. Photo Collage

photo collage wall decor

A collage combines multiple pictures into one photograph that you can print on a canvas or frame to put up in your house. If you're short on budget, you can paste it directly on a wall in your house.

Photo collages come in a plethora of formats, and you might get the impression that you'd need a professional to make one. But, you can quickly and easily make photo collages using our collage maker software, TurboCollage. Once you design your collage, you export it to a JPEG file that you can print at Walgreens, Staples, or any online or in-store printing service of your choice.

2. Heart Collage

heart collage wall decor

Arrange your pictures to form the heart shape! Such heart collages work well as bedroom wall decor.

How would you make such an arrangement?

You can print individual photos and paste them one by one to form the heart shape. But, it is much simpler to use our shape collage software, FigrCollage.

3. Photo Mosaic

A mosaic is a picture made out of many smaller photos. When viewed from a distance the big picture is prominent whereas when viewed from close up the individual smaller pictures show out distinctly.

Photo Mosaics work well in your living room when printed at large sizes. When printed in smaller sizes, individual photos usually become too small to view.

Use our photo mosaic software TurboMosaic to make photo mosaics.

4. Photo Collage featuring a Large Center Picture

Photo Collage featuring a Large Center Picture

A photo collage with a large attention grabbing photograph in the center is another nice way to shine-up your walls. Learn to make such a picture here.

5. Number Collage

Decorate wall with number

Do you have a lucky number? Are you celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary?

How about using your photos to make a number to decorate your house?

Use our FigrCollage software to make number collages with ease.

6. Photo Grid

photo grid wall decoration

Photo grids are probably the simplest of all collage formats. Still, pictures neatly arranged in equal sized rows and columns look fabulous as wall decor.

Learn to make a photo grid of any number of rows and columns.

7. Word Collage

word collage wall decoration

Have you ever thought of using your photos to make a word? Use our FigrCollage software to make any word you want — love, friends, etc.


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